Quest Update

This update was quite a big one, featuring the first Quest added to Miraculous RP. This quest allows players to find Mr. Raimer’s Pigeons, which are hidden around the map after you speak to Mr. Raimer. Players can use Detect – a super power previously without any function – to lead them to the various birds. 


A new character, Catalyst, was added to the game after being unlocked by our followers. We challenged our fans and followers to get our Roblox game to 400,000 favorites – which then unlocked this character for free. 


Our Heroez Pass was updated to include a new character – Viperion – and his Kwami Sass. We were able to preview this character with the show’s voice actor, Andrew Russell, on his own Twitch Channel, sharing a preview with his audience, which created quite a bit of hype around this update. Anyone with the Heroez Pass can become Luka, play the transformation for Viperion, and transform into Viperion automatically.


Boats were added to the river around the map, allowing users to make a one time purchase for in-game coins, to control a boat and drive it around with their friends. 


Captain Hardrock also got new super powers; sound wave and sword swing. Both are attacks, sound wave is a larger attack whereas sword swing is more direct. Sass also has a kwami power that came with him, one allowing you to attack and the other allowing you to detect items. 


It was also Bastille Day – the day of Paris Independence, so the map featured new firework stations, the French Flag, and special pastries to celebrate! 


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Boat Update

One of the main features of this update was a new location – Luka’s Boat. This boat includes a stage for the Kitty Section to play on on the main deck, a control room on the ship, and the entire downstairs – which acts as a kitchen and bedroom for Luka and his family. 


Transformations for both Bunnyx and Mayura were added into the game, so that users could transform from their civilian forms to their hero and villain forms easily, with some nice animations. 


Ryuko and Mr. Ramier were added to the game as free characters, for people to enjoy and play as. Ryuko is someone the community was specifically excited about – she is a skilled fencer who is fast and strong. Her kwami, Longg was added along with her, with the superpowers Sword Cycle (an attack) and Water bubble (a protective move). 


We also added in-game paychecks, a big request from the community, that rewards players with in-game coins after they have played for a set number of minutes. These paychecks are presented as a gift from the Mayor, for keeping Paris safe. 

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Hotel Update

This update contains another new area – Chloe’s Hotel. This hotel has two areas – the rooftop which includes a massive swimming pool and the hotel room itself, which showcases where Chloe lives. We were able to get influencers in to previous this update, which built up a lot of excitement around it. 


We added a new premium pass into the game, called the Heroez Pass, which has adult Alix and their hero from Bunnyx, as well as their Kwami Fluff and Nathalie, her transformed self Mayura, and Dussu, her kwami. Fluff has the super power Burrow, an attack and Clickwise, a speed boost. Dussu has the super powers Fan Spin and Feather Storm, both attacks. 


The young version of Alix was added to the game as a free character, as well as Luka’s sister, Juleka. 

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