Club Farm Backpack Update

After spending some time playing around with the inventory menu in Club Farm Tycoon, we felt the best way to ensure players can easily access their items was to implement a backpack system. This was the main focus of the Backpack update!


The backpack allows players to have different tabs for items they want to take to the market to see, blueprints to create further farms, and vehicles to help them get around. These various sections are great for better organisation and understanding what you have and what you are missing.


Along with the backpack, this update actually had a bunch of farms! A seaweed farm, something very unique, has made it’s way into the game. A Lumber Factory has been added, with works well with the trees and wood inside the farm areas. When doing a playtest, there were lots of food themed farms suggested, like a grape farm, which was added in this update. The most hyped farm to be added is a Bouncy Castle, which is a legendary farm plot, that people have been loving since the update! 

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