Touchdown Battle with Coach Jen!

Touchdown Battle is the first game to be released in our Coach Jen series. Coach Jen is a three part Minecraft game series, made in collaboration with Dr. Jen Welter, the first woman to coach in the NFL.  The series was inspired by Dr. Welter herself and her traveling flag football camp, GRRRIDIRON GIRLS.  Touchdown Battle is a multiplayer game where players battle to score five touchdowns in either 1 vs. 1 mode or team vs. team mode, while featuring words of encouragement from who else? Coach Jen! She is the coach after all… Additionally, there are two stadium sizes to choose from in Touchdown Battle, as well as outdoor activities, like taking a ride on a hot air balloon, and making sandcastles.
Some Additional Info about Dr. Jen Welter:
Before Dr. Welter was a coach, she played football professionally on a women’s team and then a men’s team. She has a doctorate in psychology, and recently came out with a book titled, “Play Big: Lessons on Being Limitless From the First Woman to Coach in the NFL”.  The book is a motivational memoir.

The next two Coach Jen games to come out will be, Obstacle Combo to be released mid-October, and Football Camp, which is due to come out in November. *Games have since been released and the links are included below.

You can find the Touchdown Battle here:

Please Note: you must have Minecraft installed on your device for the above links to work


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  1. Christopher Breton

    My son can’t figure out how to actually play the game. All he can do is walk around the stadium. Are we missing something?

    1. Liz

      Hi Christopher,

      Touchdown Battle is a multi-player game, so it requires at least two players to play.
      When you join the game with other players you will be able to select teams and then compete against each other. Let us know if the problem continues.

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