The Power of Girls! – Minecraft Christmas Bundle

The Power of Girls bundle takes you on an adventurous Minecraft journey through the Virunga national park in Kongo – where you can help Dian Fossey – the legendary ape researcher, save the mountain gorillas.
Or… you can go back in time to ancient Alexandria and meet the fearless queen of the desert – Cleopatra the 7th. Help her find the lost treasures while crocodiles try to eat you alive and demons come out of their hiding place to chase you. Run!! and climb Mount Everest. Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Junko Tabei, the fearless Japanese mountaineer will help you as you’ll storm the frozen, icy walls, making your way to the peak.
Yay! You made it.
You can now relax in Sonia’s studio and do some painting. It will calm you, but rest assured, it won’t be long before Dr. Jen Welter will send someone to fetch you, as the Football practice begins! Let’s see you finish this Obstacle Combo. Go Go Go!!!
Enjoy 🙂
Will you be joining us on our holiday journey?  

Embark on a wild adventure with extraordinary women who changed our world and become a SHERO!

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My Gorilla Adventure

Cleopatra’s Treasure

My Snowy Journey

Art Lab: World of Colors

Obstacle Combo with Coach Jen

The Power of Girls! – Minecraft Christmas Bundle

Obstacle Combo w/ Coach Jen!

The Power of Girls! – Minecraft Christmas Bundle

Football Camp with Coach Jen!

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