The Lowdown on the Coach Jen Series

For those of you who do not know, our Coach Jen three part games series was made in collaboration with Dr. Jen Welter, the first female to coach in the NFL. The games were inspired not only by Jen, but also by her traveling flag football camp for girls, Grrridiron Girls. Each game has a slightly different take on the previous. While Touchdown Battle, challenges players to be the Touchdown Champ by being the first to reach 5 touchdowns. Obstacle Combo, is more like a training camp to improve your agility for the field time. Obstacle Combo includes a lot of parkour in it’s makeup making it simultaneously challenging and fun. Lastly, we have Football Camp, which is primarily a RPG with four different camps to join, where you can either play football or play the additional activities each camp has to offer.  This includes car racing, bowling, basketball, etc.

Some additional information about Coach Jen:

Before Dr. Welter was a coach, she played football professionally on a women’s team and then a men’s team. She has a doctorate in psychology, and recently came out with a book titled, “Play Big: Lessons on Being Limitless From the First Woman to Coach in the NFL”.  The book is a motivational memoir.

Interview with Coach Jen about the series:

All game links can be found here:

Please Note: you must have Minecraft installed on your device for the above links to work


The Lowdown on the Coach Jen Series

Football Camp with Coach Jen!

The Lowdown on the Coach Jen Series

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