The Creative Group

Toya’s Creative Group is comprised of 13-18 year old female gamers that have their own YouTube channel and play Minecraft and/or Roblox. 

We believe that supporting female gamers can be a game changer. Thus, we encourage them to express themselves in every means they feel comfortable with. We support them by granting them access to our media professionals, who can help them carve the story and record and edit their videos. Girls’ stories will be given voice through the gameplay, and will create a universe that combines gameplay and self-expression in a non-stereotypical way. Our objective is to allow young women to tell their stories, using these highly popular platforms and our games as background.

The female gamers community is still coping with real and tangible dangers that need to be solved. Toya’s Creative Group is a part of the solution. It is a safe community where they can feel free to express themselves.

In parallel to our work with the group, we produce original content with professionals to manifest Toya’s agenda in a fun and entertaining way.  Here is an example of such content, created for the farm game. In our feminist version of Old McDonald there are female farmers from all over the world.  We noticed that even though farming is an extremely popular genre, it is hard to find representations of female farmers. We created our own female farmer characters for My Farm on Roblox, representing Asian, American, German, French, Arab and Spanish farmers. We used international folklore, a familiar and beloved song worldwide, to portray stories of women farmers from all over the world. The multicultural and diversified representation through languages, farms styles and cultures is harnessed to create a world where women enjoy an equal place and respect for their professions.