Character Shop

This update to Miraculous RP is all about characters! We had one new character added to the game, Audrey, who is a famous fashion designer within the TV show, and becomes a glitter themed super villain which will be added to the game later.


Along with this new character, we have created a stand within the game that allows users to purchase set characters for in-game currency. These characters rotate every Sunday, giving the players time to purchase them before they change. We are hoping that adding this additional way to spend their in-game coins and get characters they may have otherwise not been able to grab.


Along with the set characters, there are new superhero themed outfits that can be found in the avatar shop. These outfits are not from specific, in-game super heroes, and will allow players to become their own super hero character and play more in the world! 


The Crypt

The Crypt

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