Tel Aviv

Toya, a female-led studio, is transforming the gaming experience for girls around the world. 

Toya benefits from over 20 years of combined experience in film, gender and design of the company’s co-founders, Yifat and Anat. It has partnered with the biggest brands in the industry to evolve some of the most commercially successful games such as Minecraft and Roblox, into more dynamic stories and experiences that empower a growing female user base.
Toya does this by dreaming up characters and storylines that deliver inspiring female role models and a challenging gameplay.
At the core of Toya’s product is a non-stereotypical and “beyond pink” approach to targeting an expanding world of young female gamers. 

There are over 2.4 billion people, 20% under the age of 18, playing digital games regularly worldwide, and 49% of these gamers are females – a force to be reckoned with!  But what do girls and young women play? What digital games are they being offered and how are they affected by them? Research shows that if we wish for more young women to pursue careers in science and technology – we need girls to play more video games. A recent study conducted at Surrey University in the UK shows that girls who play video games and identify as gamers are three times more likely to choose physical science, technology, engineering or math (PSTEM) degrees as compared to their non-gaming classmates. 

Girls need to experiment with decision making, planning and strategy, management skills, competition and problem solving, just like boys do with the multitude of games they are offered. 

Toya released 18 games and skin packs on the Minecraft Marketplace, inspired by the life stories and achievements of pioneering women. Our games enable girls to feel inspired while playing, whether they are climbing Mt. Everest, playing an ape researcher or playing football. 

Toya has also released two games on Roblox and is now working on its third game to be released in 2020.