Tel Aviv

Toya is a female-led studio partnering with the biggest platforms in the gaming industry to develop and promote games that reflect equal opportunities, diverse characters, and more dynamic storylines across the gender spectrum. 

The studio has a special focus on Roblox, where we believe there is the greatest potential to challenge the “norms” of everyday gaming and offer a culturally innovative view of play. 

At the core of Toya’s approach is developing nonlinear, open-ended games you can play with friends, that deliver inspiring role models and enable their players to learn critical skills necessary to succeed in the outside world.

What’s behind that? The belief and knowledge that there is a need for diverse narratives that reflect different and diverse worlds, more voices, than those offered to us today. 

While Roblox is made up of masses of young teenagers and young adults, mostly Americans, the essence is what connects us all, and makes us an extraordinary and exceptionally creative community. And the essence is an authentic expression, which does not obey the rules of traditional industry, but invents them and redefines them. 

Roblox is where you can express your inner world and be embraced for that and this is what we came to do when we
joined in 2019.