Toya – Save the Gorillas

Unique adventure quest game inside Minecraft!

Welcome to the African jungle! You are a gorilla researcher.
Your adventure takes place in a huge jungle where you have your very own camp , and a giant area to explore and investigate.

Your very first quest is to get the gorillas trust you so they’ll let you enter their private territory.
you hoped your whole life for a chance like this, to connect with the gorillas on a personal level like no one ever did!
And for that, you need to collect some of their favorite food of course!
To collect those, you’re going to face surprising and unique mini games:
The highest parkour tree you ever saw, reaches up to the sky, which is the ultimate challenge for a tree climber like yourself.
Building competition where you get to prove your amazing building skills .
Secret treasure chests are hidden all around. Can you find them all?
Bamboo maze that puts your navigation skills at test and much more…

The story of the quest is based on the life experience of Dian Fossey, a primatologist, who undertook an extensive study of mountain gorilla groups and dedicated her life for this over a period of 18 years. How amazing is she?
Get into Dian’s shoes, and connect with the gorillas in a once in a lifetime experience, where you get to see gorillas in Minecraft for the first time!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: our server is in Beta stage. There will be times when it will be down for bug fixes and upgrades.
Also, you are surly to stumble over bugs and issues. You can report bugs through the Contact Us Form.
Please bear with us – this is going to be awesome! The gameplay you’ll experience in the beta is only the tip of what we are planning going forward – there will be more quests and mini games within this adventure as well as other adventures.

JOINING OUR BETA: You can play in our server simply by logging in to
However, if you wish to formally join our beta group please sign in by filling the Beta Registration Form
It is worth you joining! Our loyal beta testers will get some cool in game surprise once we formally launch the game!

Toya – Save the Gorillas

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Toya – Save the Gorillas

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