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Dr. Jen Welter, the first female NFL Coach, teams up with Toya to create a Football Video Game Series for girls on Minecraft.

Toya has developed three games inspired by Jen Welter Gridiron Girls Flag Football Camps.

Dr. Jen Welter is best known as the first female coach in NFL history. In 2015, she served as assistant inside linebackers coaching intern for the Arizona Cardinals. Currently, Dr. Welter (PhD in psychology) runs her own national traveling flag-football camp for girls, GRRRIDIRON GIRLS, and works to empower women in sports around the world. 

The games reflect different aspects of everyday football camp training through Minecraft gameplay.

Touchdown Battle:
Touchdown Battle is a multiplayer game where players battle to score five touchdowns in either 1 vs. 1 mode or team vs. team mode, while featuring words of encouragement from who else? Coach Jen! She is the coach after all… Additionally, there are two stadium sizes to choose from in Touchdown Battle, as well as outdoor activities, like taking a ride on a hot air balloon, and making sandcastles.

Obstacle Combo:
Become the Obstacle Course Champion! This map has a variety of courses so even if you start as a beginner you can work your way to the Hall of Fame! There are 8 courses with 2 bonuses courses that you can unlock. This game can be played alone or with friends! Developed in collaboration with Coach Jen Welter.

Football Camp:
In football camp you can work on your football skills, while pledging your allegiance to either the Dancing Pixies, the Magical Goblins, the Fearless Unicorns, or Golden Dragons. Each camp has their own mascot and additional fun activities like bowling, car racing, basketball, swimming, and more. You can also role-play as you wish. Be Coach Jen, a cheerleader, a referee, or a player. It’s your choice!

Please Note: you must have Minecraft installed on your device for the above links to work

Coach Jen

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Coach Jen


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